Chemo Cozy

Sizing and Care

Do Chemo Cozy Fleeces run true to size?

Yes, our fleeces do run true to size and, just in case you have any doubts, there is a sizing guide on the product page for every fleece. Since this is a fleece jacket, when in doubt, order a size larger.


What sizes are available? Are jackets available in plus sizes?

Children’s Fleeces: Sizes 4-12

Men’s Adult Fleeces: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Women’s Adult Fleeces: S, M, L, XL

There is also a comparative chart for men’s to women’s in the sizing guide on each product page. For example, if a woman needed a 4XL, she could order a Men’s 2XL.


What colors are available for Chemo Cozy Fleeces?

Boys:  Blue, Teal and Yellow

Girls:  Blue, Teal, Yellow and Pink

Men’s:  Blue, Red and Green

Women’s:   Blue, Red, Green and Pink


How do I care for my jacket? Can it be machine washed?

Our fleeces can be cared for like any other fleece. Machine washable warm; tumble dry. Wash with similar colors.


Will my fleece shrink if I put it in the dryer?

This was one of the first things we tested! No, don’t expect much shrinkage. You can feel comfortable putting it in the dryer.



Do Chemo Cozy fleeces work with all types of chemotherapy infusion ports, even PICC lines?

Yes. The jacket is made to accommodate single or dual ports on both the right and left sides as well as PICC lines on either side


Besides the port access points, are there other pockets to hold things like my phone or keys?

Yes. Our fleeces have 3 pockets one on each side near the waist line (like most zip-up fleeces) and one additional pocket close to one of the port access sites. People often use that pocket to keep their music, headphones, wallets, etc...


Will the staff at the infusion center have trouble with the fleece?

No. The fleeces were designed with the help of an infusion center staff. There is also a “how it works” section on the website that they can refer to if necessary.


Can jackets be worn outside/after treatments?

Yes, of course!  The fleeces were specifically designed so that the patient could stay comfortable during treatment and move right into their daily routine when they left the infusion center. We have customers that purchase them just for casual wear. They are incredibly warm and comfortable.


What is the jacket made of? Will it last long?

The jacket is made of 100% polyester micro fleece and, yes, they are a very high quality jacket made to last for a long time.


Our Brand

How did the idea for Chemo Cozy come into being?

Read more about our story here!


Does Chemo Cozy donate jackets to local organizations?

Yes. We donate to  hospitals, infusion centers and individuals in need. We have a long list of patients that want & need Chemo Cozy Fleeces so when a customer donates through our website we go right down the list and fulfill those needs.

Donations and Returns

What happens if my jacket does not fit?

You can exchange it for the proper size. We would like to help you pick the right size the first time so please visit our sizing page and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!


How can I donate a fleece to someone in need?

You can donate here! If you want to do more, becoming a Chemo Cozy Champion is a great way to support patients and spread the love.


If it’s a gift, when should they send? Before treatment or during?

We recommend you give the fleece before treatments start so patients can start using it right away. We describe it as “sending a warm hug” that will remind your loved one that you are thinking of them every time they head into treatment.



Isn’t this too hot for the summer?

No. Both the infusion centers and the medicines that patients receive tend to be kept on the colder side.  One of the main complaints a patient generally has is that they always feel cold. Regardless of the weather outside, a little extra warmth is always welcomed during chemotherapy treatments.