The idea for Chemo Cozy was the result of company president, Greg Hamilton’s, chemotherapy experience.
Greg has been a cancer survivor since 2010. His treatment has included both radical surgeries and very extensive chemotherapy. Based on Greg’s experience, he and his wife Ellen realized there was a need for more accessible and comfortable clothing specifically designed to provide patients a better experience during their treatments.
During chemo, nurses repeatedly need to access the patient’s port, pic-line or forearm, often requiring the person to practically disrobe in order to gain access to the infusion site. Not only was this humiliating, it also added to the pre-existing anxiety related to battling cancer. Greg and Ellen searched for clothing that could help improve his treatment experience but found nothing that was both practical and comfortable. After months of research, they decided to create their own solution and began designing the jackets which are now the signature product for Chemo Cozy.